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I got a chart here showing you the technology behind the top 1 million sites on the web and did you know the WordPress powers almost 50% of them there’s really no secondary competitor right now. So if you master WordPress you’re building with a platform that’s the standard for blogs and business websites the funny thing is I bet 80% of independent website owners don’t know much about how WordPress works and that’s really an advantage.

You don’t need to be a wizard to create a blog or a website but you’re here because you want to look the curtain and understand what’s happening that’s what we’ll do today, so I put together a really simple graphic to show you this and we’re gonna go through the stack of a website the thing that you know unites all of them across the web are domain name and web host you need those two things to get online one of them is your address and the other is kind of like your house where you can store all your stuff and WordPress is nothing more than software built on top of that to manage.

Your stuff’s a content management system so if you want to build a site like I said a blog is ideal for WordPress if that’s what you want I have free training to help you launch your blog in 14 days taking you through that step by step process.

I’ll link that up here in the top right and in the description below if you want to check that out and WordPress is software that’s built with PHP code.

So it’s just a bunch of PHP files on your website with a couple of other you know web files and all the content is stored in a database.

Basically, your web host needs to support PHP code and have the ability to create a database and if it does those two things then you can use any website host to launch your WordPress website.

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Now one of the big confusing points is that there are two WordPress websites and and is basically a service that bundles these two things it’s WordPress with their own hosting the funny thing about that is if you are on their lowest level package they don’t give you the full version of WordPress and that’s because they want their hosts to be optimized and if they gave you full control of that they wouldn’t be able to do that and really that’s the same thing that all the other big website builder services do like Squarespace and Wix and Weebly.

They bundle the website builder along with the domain and the web host but it’s just so easy to use that they don’t give you a lot of flexibility and they don’t give you the power to edit however you want and that’s what is for you can either download WordPress directly from you know comes in as a zip file and you can upload it to your web host or most web hosts today they come built-in with a way to quickly install WordPress and on my channel and as part of that.

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I go through three of the most popular web hosts out there and show you how to install WordPress step-by-step and the nice thing about that is once again you have the flexibility to move from host to host if you ever need to upgrade most people start out with you know cheap and affordable hosting so they can get their website out there and then over time if you build traffic you might need to upgrade to a host that’s more optimized for you know high traffic and high speed now on top of WordPress web developers can create themes which are basically like designs for WordPress and plugins which are ways to add functions to your WordPress website and this is another great feature WordPress.

There’s so many, probably thousands and thousands of themes and plugins that you can choose from, most of them are free and there’s a lot that has paid upgrades that help you do really cool stuff or hook into other services that you might want to link up with your WordPress website.

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There’s so many, probably thousands and thousands of themes and plugins that you can choose from, most of them are free and there’s a lot that has paid upgrades that help you do really cool stuff or hook into other services that you might want to link up with your WordPress website.

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I’ll include a link to Divi below if you want to check them out and I also have a full tutorial building a Divi website that I’m gonna preview a little later in this video I’ll link that up here as well once you have the base of your website built out then what’s going to drive you and propel you forward from there you know you need blog post you need pages to get the traffic you want to think about the niche that you’re in and what would be the ideal traffic source you know this is where marketing comes into play and you have to get above the tech stuff and start getting creative with how you go out there and get people to your website.

That’s what I have mentioned here you know once you have your site out there and you start to get the traffic you can use a service like Google Analytics which’s gonna give you a report of your web traffic and it’s going to tell you where your traffic coming from you can see what you know efforts that you’ve done are working which ones didn’t really do anything or move the needle and then ultimately what you want to do is collect leads and you know turn that traffic into money it’s never been more possible to turn a passion that you have or a hobby that you have into an online income and frankly.

This is why I’ve been so interested in WordPress over the span of over 10 years now I’ve been fascinated by how you can build an online platform that brings you money and separates you from needing to look for a job locally now let’s dig in a little bit more into the file hierarchy we’re gonna go into my web host and just look at the files on the webserver and you’re gonna see what a WordPress installation looks like.

I have an FTP program open and that just connects me to my webserver normally all web servers have a file manager built into it if you just want to do it online but I’m logged in here to a WordPress installation and this is what you’re gonna want to look for if you see these files and directories you know the WordPress is installed these are the three directories wp-admin and this is why when you type in your domain comm /e WP dash admin if you type in that directory name you’re gonna get redirected to your admin panel where you can manage your website so all the files that make up that admin area are within there down here you have WP includes and these are other important functional files and then you have the WP content folder so this is where your plugins your themes and your file uploads go your images along with other files that you might upload like PDFs or anything else.

So if we go even further into here if I click into the themes directory that’s going to show me a directory for each theme that I have on my website right now you can see like I said I had that 2020 theme installed there’s also a concept that I described in that training of child themes basically you can create your own theme and customize it and just inherit from an existing theme so I have a child theme here installed just called 2020 blogger and that’s the one that the plugins directory operates in the same way you have a directory for each plug-in you have installed and then the uploads directory this is normally organized by date so when you upload something it’s going to go into a year and then monthly substructure and a lot of times.

If you’re transferring a WordPress website or backing it up this is where the bulk of your space is going to be dedicated to if you have an image heavy website especially if you’re not optimizing your images before you upload them and I go through a full tutorial of the backend the admin area where you can manage your website I’m gonna link up that video here so there’s a quick look at the file structure I’m going to show you one other thing and this is a little bit more advanced and this is called the theme hierarchy so let me actually quickly pop into these themes if I click into the 2020 theme you’re gonna see what I said before PHP files and that’s how WordPress is constructed.

So each theme is going to have a set of PHP files along with a couple of others JSON which is just data and CSS which is a way to design your website and these template files are what generate the front-end pages on your website you know when you load your homepage you let an about page it’s going to determine which of these template files to use based on the template hierarchy so let me pull that up and here’s the flow chart for this hierarchy it’s definitely confusing at first and you don’t have to know this to use.

WordPress and basically you’re you’re trying to figure out the page type on the left hand side of the page and see what template file that links to the one template file that every template needs is this index dot PHP on the right and everything – Falls to that but there’s other template files if it’s a match to another type of page so if you have an archive page that’s like someone going into your blog archives and they’re looking you know at February’s posts of two years ago then that’s gonna flow over here to archive dot PHP and if that archive dot PHP doesn’t exist it’ll use index dot PHP and if you’re looking to learn a little bit of PHP WordPress has built-in functions that you can do like for an example and easy one is you can check to see if a user is logged in or not and if they are you can add some special section or add a tag to an HTML element whatever you want to do so I said this before this is the biggest reason that I love WordPress is because they give you full access to the lowest level where you can write code and edit your website and code if you want to other platforms don’t allow you to do that and they block you off from that so you don’t break things wordpress.

Alize gives you the ability to break something which I like here are two examples of WordPress sites that I’ve built and the first one is the blog that you’ll be able to build a similar blog using this free WordPress theme 2020 and the reason I picked this is because I don’t want you to deal with creating a design if you’re just learning WordPress you don’t need to be a professional designer or learn that skill before you put a website out there I encourage you to do it as soon as possible and start getting the content out there and that way you can build the design around the content instead of vice versa so this is the home page layout.

And if I go to the blog page they also have another layout called the cover template and I use that for this individual blog post and you can see with this it has that background image with the black overlay and if we scroll down that’s where we get to our blog post and this just shows you some of the test content modules like a list headings a button a quote that kind of thing so I recommend that you check out that training if you’re looking to set up a blog and I’ll include a link to that in the top right here and the description below and the next example here is using that premium theme Divi that I mentioned before which is a drag and drop page builder I created this landscaping template but if you scroll down here you can see you know how good-looking this design is I couldn’t have done a design that’s good without using that drag-and-drop software I’m very simplistic and minimalistic when it comes to the design and they just have a lot of neat touches that you can add in really easily with Divi Theme.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re building a blog or a business website WordPress is the perfect option in probably 90 to 95 percent of cases I always recommend it over the big website builders I just think they limit you too much and at some point you’re gonna outgrow them and when that day occurs you’re not gonna be able to transfer your website so I think you should start with WordPress from the get-go and like I said join that if that’s what you want to create and if you prefer to create a business website like this I can send that tutorial to you along with a few others it’s a free wordpress one-on-one training series so I’ll also link that up in the top right and the description below and if you found this video helpful if I taught you anything about WordPress or showed you something that you didn’t know before please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I’d love to hear what your questions are about WordPress if I didn’t cover in this video leave that in the comments below I’m always interested in hearing what the roadblock is for beginners because I learned WordPress so long ago that I kind of lose that perspective and sometimes I might just glaze over or something or explain something too quickly to a person that hasn’t learned WordPress before my goal is to get as many people online as possible I really think every person should have a blog and every business should have a wordpress website so that’s all I got for today I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you join me on the next one

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